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Get help with underage drinking charges

You've barely moved out of your parents' home, but you already have a problem on your hands. You decided to go out drinking with your friends, but you're not yet 21. They're all 21 already, so they purchased alcohol for you. Unfortunately, you got caught.

Now, you and your friends are all in trouble with the law for underage drinking and for buying alcohol for an underage party. This one mistake could have serious implications and change the course of your future if you're not cautious.

What should you do if you're accused of a crime in college?

Your best option is to say nothing to police and to work with your attorney to come up with a good defense. You're young, and since this is your first offense, it's possible that there are ways to go through with alternative penalties, so you can potentially have the charges against you dropped.

There could be penalties at school, depending on how your case goes. If you're convicted of underage drinking, you could end up being expelled from school or may face other administrative penalties. Sometimes, those who are convicted of crimes lose their right to federal funding, which means that they have to pay for college with private funds or else not go at all.

A single mistake does have the potential to ruin the future you planned for yourself. It's a good idea to sit down, think through what happened and discuss your options with your defense attorney. A good plan of action will make a difference in the outcome of your case and in how this situation affects your future.

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