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Understand your attorney's role -- and yours -- in your defense

Good criminal defense strategies can help those with even the most difficult cases resolve their situations in a positive manner. Your attorney's job is a complicated one that relies on a solid investigation into the evidence that's being presented, an ability to deconstruct the prosecution's case and the capacity to carefully pick apart flaws in the way an investigation was handled in the first place.

Your attorney's job isn't just limited to defending you in the courtroom, however. Your attorney can also help you decide if a plea deal is right for your situation and if there are other methods that could help you resolve the situation without imprisonment, harsh fines or other penalties or ways to mitigate the sentence you do receive.

What should you do when you are accused of a crime?

Your defense starts long before you ever go to trial.

As soon as you are accused of a crime, it is in your best interests to invoke your right to remain silent immediately and to reach out to your attorney for support. That's the only sure way to avoid giving the prosecution more material.

If you have already spoken with the police, stop talking. Don't attempt to clear up anything you may have said or change your story. Your attorney will obtain the records and review what is known about the case so far. Then, you and your attorney can discuss what you should -- or should not -- say to the police from that point forward.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can be the difference between being going to prison and keeping your freedom -- but you need to remember that criminal cases can be won and lost by the events that take place outside of the actual courtroom. For more advice specific to your case, contact our firm today.

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