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Can your spouse pressure you into a prenuptial agreement?

You did not know that your significant other wanted to get a prenuptial agreement. It's not that you're against it. You just never thought about it before.

The two of you started planning your wedding. You knew it would cost about $20,000, and you started to make thousands in downpayments. You knew you couldn't get that money back. You also booked large portions of your honeymoon trip to Europe.

That's when your significant other showed up with the prenup. They said that you had to sign it right away, no matter what you wanted, or the wedding was off. Feeling all of the financial pressure, you just signed it and hoped for the best.

Will that prenup stand if the two of you get divorced and head to court? It may not. You may be able to show that you were under duress and that your spouse specifically set things up to pressure you into signing an unfair agreement.

There is also a question of how soon before the wedding you signed. If it is too close to the wedding day, the agreement may also be invalid. Signing a prenup right before a wedding could mean that you did not have time to think about what you were signing and that you felt pressure because you did not want to call off the wedding with family and friends in town.

The main takeaway here is that a prenup has to be executed by two consenting parties who both want to sign the document. Make sure you understand all of the legal rights you have when considering this document.

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