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Picking a power of attorney for your estate documents

Planning your estate is a difficult task to tackle but also one of the most important things you will do in life. Too many people wait until it is too late and wind up dying without a will. This leaves your assets and even minor children at the hands of the courts. You can avoid all of this by planning your estate while you are in good health. Part of this includes choosing a power of attorney in Charlotte.

The person you choose needs to know you and understand your wishes. They must be trusted to handle your estate and carry out your wishes without causing any issues. They will need to be able to handle arguments with family members and even some people trying to manipulate them to make the wrong decisions.

The person you choose as power of attorney will need to be able to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf should you suffer an injury or illness that leaves you incapacitated. This means that they will have your life in their hands. Can they be trusted to make a decision that is one you would approve of?

When choosing a power of attorney you need to pick a person who is younger than you. Picking someone the same age as you or even older than you will lead to problems down the road should they precede you in death. This will only cause you to update your documents and find someone new.

Do you feel comfortable with your power of attorney choice in North Carolina? If not, you need to re-examine your choice and find someone who will represent you and your wishes to the letter of the law.

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