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How can a DUI affect your college life?

Getting a DUI when you're still in college is a serious problem. In fact, it could threaten your degree in the subjects you have chosen, it could make it impossible to get to work and it can truly damage your reputation. There are many parts of your life that could be impacted by a DUI, which could end up costing you thousands of dollars and impact your future career.

As a college student, you need to know what to do if you're charged with a DUI. A charge itself is not threatening, but you want to do all you can to avoid a conviction.

What should I use spousal support payments for?

Receiving spousal support payments from your ex can be a big financial help, especially if you are trying to find a job for the first time in years. The amount you receive is based on a few factors, including the length of the marriage, the ability for the paying spouse to support themselves and make the payments and other elements. So, what should you use the spousal support payments for?

Above all else, you need to use these payments to cover your living expenses. Make sure the rent or mortgage is paid each month. You need a place to live, unless you move in with family or friends who will not charge you rent.

You risk a DUI arrest if you drive after binge drinking

Teens have a different view of alcohol consumption than their parents do, and it is called binge drinking. Driving after a bout of binge drinking with friends is extremely risky. Along with endangering other motorists, it could lead to an arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

A common interest

Types of contingency clauses used in real estate contracts

Contingency clauses are commonly used in real estate contracts and for various reasons. There are different types of these clauses and not all of them will be used in every contract written. Contingency clauses help protect both the buyer and the seller should either party wish to back out of the contract to buy or sell a piece of property in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The most common type of contingency clause is the mortgage contingency. This clause gives the potential buyer time to acquire a mortgage to buy the property. The clause makes it known that the buyer can back out of the property purchase should they not be able to acquire the financing required to buy the home.

Many Halloween “pranks” are actually crimes

Many kids who have outgrown trick or treating still go out Halloween night with their friends. Even basically good kids, when they're in groups, can do things that can get them in trouble. While they (and you) may see things like throwing toilet paper or eggs around houses or smashing pumpkins as harmless pranks, the owners of the property and the police may see them very differently.

In fact, some of these "pranks" are crimes. They could land your child -- and you -- in juvenile court.

Can your spouse pressure you into a prenuptial agreement?

You did not know that your significant other wanted to get a prenuptial agreement. It's not that you're against it. You just never thought about it before.

The two of you started planning your wedding. You knew it would cost about $20,000, and you started to make thousands in downpayments. You knew you couldn't get that money back. You also booked large portions of your honeymoon trip to Europe.

Brain development, peer pressure and teen crime

Juvenile crimes are so catastrophic because one action at a young age can follow a person for the rest of his or her life. That's why it's so important for teens and their parents to know all of their legal options whenever they are accused of criminal activity. It is nothing to take lightly.

Why do teens get in trouble and make mistakes that are hard for adults to understand? One reason is that brain development really isn't over during the teenage years. Experts believe it is still happening until a person hits his or her mid-20s. That's after most people have finished going to college.

How criminal charges can affect your college career

Criminal charges are a serious matter at any stage in life, but charges that come during your college years can be particularly harmful. Criminal charges and an eventual conviction can put a stop to your educational plans and thus lead to serious issues with your future work life.

While anyone may make a mistake and end up on the wrong side of the law, if you are a college student, it is especially important for you to keep a clean record so that you do not put your college education and future career at risk. Here are a few examples of how criminal charges can have a negative impact on your college career:

Know the warning signs of divorce

Not every marriage will be successful. This truly is an understatement these days. More and more people are either not getting married or they are finding themselves filing for divorce at various times in their marriage. Relationships are extremely difficult to maintain, especially in today's fast-paced, cutthroat world. That's why you need to know the warning signs of divorce so you can begin to prepare for what's to come.

One of the most glaring signs is that many of your interactions with each other are not positive ones. Do you yell, argue, disagree and make angry faces often? Do you glare at your spouse behind their back? This is a turning point for many couples that wind up getting divorced.

How driving under the influence charges affect your life

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Some of the more serious ones include being charged with driving under the influence (DUI). DUI is a serious crime that leads to thousands of accidents and deaths each year in North Carolina and across the country. Let's take a look at how a DUI charge can affect your life.

One of the first ways a DUI charge and subsequent conviction can affect your life is the revocation of your driver's license. A first-time conviction could leave you without driving privileges for up to two years, depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI and the sentence issued by the judge.

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