Need To Change Your Name? We Can Help.

Few things are as personal as your name. Yet when you need your name changed to accommodate recent changes in your life, the process can be complicated to complete alone.

At GPS Law Group, we make name changes easy. Whether you want to reclaim your maiden name after a divorce, want to change your child's name or have any other name change request, we have the experience to guide you through the process as quickly as possible.

Our attorneys can help you implement your name change across all aspects of your life, helping you update documents and items such as:

  • Birth certificate and Social Security card
  • Driver's license or North Carolina state ID
  • U.S. passport

As an adult, you will need to undergo several background checks as part of the federal and state requirements to change your name. Our lawyers will counsel you through every step of the process to ensure that it is done right and in a timely manner, so your name change can be completed as soon as possible.

Enough Waiting, Get Started Today

You shouldn't wait another day to get your name changed. The constant reminder in your mail of your current name can be emotionally draining. Call our attorneys today at 704-269-4223 to speak to our attorneys and get the process started or reach us online to schedule a consultation at our Charlotte office.