Attorneys Addressing Your Child Support Questions

North Carolina's child support laws have changed in recent years to make it easier in many cases to answer questions about child support:

  • How much child support will be paid?
  • How does child support get paid? How do I set up an automatic paycheck deduction?
  • When and how may I change the amount of child support?
  • What happens if I can't make the child support payments? What happens if my ex-spouse isn't making the child support payments?
  • When does child support end? Do I have to take any formal actions to end a child support obligation?

North Carolina uses a child support calculator that calculates child support payments based on the number of children to be supported, the amount of time that each parent has physical custody of the children, each parent's income and any pre-existing child support obligations or other children.

Legal Advocacy Regarding Your Child Support Issues

When might it be important to get legal advice or representation in a child support dispute? At the Charlotte, North Carolina, office of GPS Law Group, we have extensive experience representing parents in child support conflicts. Based on our decades of practice, we see legal help being necessary when:

  • You suspect the other parent is hiding income or is voluntarily underemployed to lessen his or her income.
  • You want to file a child support action several years after a divorce.
  • Your child has special medical or educational needs that require additional financial support.
  • You need to factor child care expenses into the total amount of support.
  • One or both parents have very high incomes.

Modifications And Enforcement Of Child Support Orders

Financial circumstances change, and North Carolina child support laws allow for modification of child support orders. Child support orders may be modified every three years if either parent's income has changed substantially. If the change is extraordinary — such as job loss — then a modification request may be made even if three years have not passed.

Our law firm also represents clients who need help enforcing child support orders. If you receive child support and payments are not delinquent, you will not receive free enforcement help from the family court unless you set up the original order yourself. If you used a lawyer to file the original child support agreement, then a lawyer must help you file the enforcement proceedings.

If enforcement proceedings have been filed against you, it is important to act quickly. The worst thing any child support payer can do is ignore delinquent payments. The North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Agency may require you to pay interest on unpaid child support amounts. There may also be fines or driver's license suspension associated with failure to pay child support. If you have ceased paying child support, get legal advice immediately to learn what your legal rights and options are.

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