A Child Custody Plan That Puts Your Child First

When you are getting a divorce or legal separation, the last thing you want is for your actions to impact the well-being of your child. Child custody is such a crucial area of family law because it involves not only protecting your parental rights, but doing what is best for the child — even if that means letting him or her spend more time with the other parent.

At GPS Law Group, our attorneys work closely with every client to determine the best strategy for child custody. We have helped countless Charlotte families through the difficulties surrounding custody disputes and can provide thorough insight as to how to best protect your child's interests.

Physical Custody Vs. Legal Custody

Child custody in North Carolina is more complicated than many think. There are generally two factors in a child custody agreement:

  • Physical custody refers to the amount of time you physically spend with your child, whether you get to see your child every weekend or your child lives with one parent full time.
  • Legal custody dictates who can make life decisions on behalf of a child. This can include what school to go to, what religion to follow and what medical decisions should be made.

For either form, parents may be awarded joint custody or sole custody depending on what a judge deems to be in the child's best interests. Factors such as visitation rights and grandparents' rights may be included in this as well.

Custody Agreements Should Evolve Over Time

Custody agreements and orders are not necessarily meant to last as-is until a child turns 18. If one parent needs to relocate or encounters another major life change that impacts the child, the custody agreement may need to be modified.

We work with you long term to promote your child's needs no matter what comes up. Our family lawyers can show you the way — call our office at 704-269-4223 to speak with us about your child custody needs, or reach us online to make an appointment with one of our attorneys. We also offer services in Korean, Spanish and French.