Alienation Of Affection And Criminal Conversation

North Carolina is a no-fault state for divorce. This means that if your spouse cheats on you, you get little to no benefit in the divorce process. However, you may still have a way to seek justice for the act of adultery.

At GPS Law Group, our family lawyers can help you explore all of your options after your spouse commits adultery. These types of cases are referred to as alienation of affection or criminal conversation cases, and they allow you to get relief in these difficult situations.

Has Your Spouse Committed Adultery?

If your spouse commits adultery, an alienation of affection lawsuit allows you to take the third party to court for robbing you of the affection in your marriage. Generally, you had to have had a happy marriage and genuine love for your spouse before the outsider interfered. And even then, you must prove it was through their actions that you lost the love for your spouse.

This doesn't always have to be through adultery, though this is the most common occurrence. Any interference by an outside party that causes you to lose love and affection may be considered a criminal conversation case.

We Fight For What You Deserve

Whether you choose to take the alienation of affection case to trial or to use it as leverage against your spouse in a divorce agreement, we stand by your right to fight for what's fair. We have provided skilled representation for spouses and divorcees in Charlotte and across the region and can help you in your case. Call our office at 704-269-4223 to set up an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, or reach us online to get started.