Felony Charges Have Severe Consequences

An Experienced Attorney Matters Now More Than Ever

Felonies in North Carolina have a wide range of consequences. There are 10 levels of felonies, ranging from a class A felony (the most serious, with a maximum sentence of life in prison or death) to a class I felony (the least serious, often resulting in a year or less of jail time). These charges can result from an equally wide range of crimes, from those as serious as murder to seemingly minor crimes such as drug possession.

At GPS Law Group, we understand what may be at stake. Prosecutors will try to maximize the penalties, and what may be a low-level felony might jump to a more serious one, resulting in significant jail time.

We vigorously defend those accused of felony crimes such as drug trafficking, theft, robbery, larceny, forgery, involuntary manslaughter, sex crimes, assault, arson and other serious charges. No matter the case, we will fight to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive a fair trial.

Accused Of A Drug Crime? You Could Be Facing Serious Jail Time.

North Carolina takes drug crimes seriously. Even for first-time offenders, charges could result in over 20 years in jail.

Some drug crimes, such as possession of marijuana or minor sales charges, may still be a felony — but won't necessarily result in jail time. Meanwhile, more serious drug crimes such as manufacturing or possession or sale of more dangerous drugs, could put you in jail for decades.

Felony drug crimes are not to be taken lightly. Even the best of us can get in trouble with the law, and it could put your whole future at risk. For college students and those who have families to care for, the stakes are even higher.

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